where learning is unlimited

                HY CHOOSE US  -  At Children's Academy, we are

                   here to give your child the best learning experience.

                   Our commitment in  providing your child with trained, experience staff and educational excellence sets

us apart.

               "The education of a very small child does not

                  aim at preparing him for school, but for life."



                                                                - Maria Montessori


All classroom teachers have received their Montessori training and certification. The knowledge they bring to their classes aids in the developmental needs of your child. They are very passionate about helping each child to reach his/her highest learning potential.


Children's Academy students excel academically and collectively score well above grade level on standardized measures.

Our graduates are consistently accepted to both public and private schools of choice, and flourish in those environments.


Our curriculum is based on the child’s inner need to “learn by doing.” The teaching objectives are based on insight into how young children develop and how learning takes place. The emphasis is on individualization of instruction – at each stage in the child’s mental growth, corresponding Montessori materials are presented that challenge, stimulate and refine his/her abilities.


Our Montessori Prepared environment offers materials and tools designed to engage multiple senses at once. These tools

are designed so each child begins with concrete manipulative materials and gradually move on to more abstract exercises

as concepts are mastered.


We also provide a summer educational program offered to both MCA and OCA students. The program runs for 10 weeks

and is held at MCA. An exciting theme is planned each week. Students can register for a weekly or monthly program. Weekly registration only applies to summer! So when looking for a school with unique learning styles, choose Children's Academy.

Macomb Children's Academy (MCA) a great way to start

2171 15 Mile Road

Sterling Heights, MI 48310


Phone: 586.979.5501

Fax: 586.979.5502

Oakland Children's Academy (OCA) a great way to continue

3668 Livernois (South Building)

Troy, MI 48083


Phone: 248.729.7505

Fax: 844.269.7032