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 ESTIMONIALS - At Children's Academy, we pride ourselves in giving an excellent learning experience to those individuals who attend and those parents who believe in our mission. Here are a few success stories and experiences from such individuals. "The environment must be rich in motives which lend interest to activity and invite the child to conduct his own experiences." - Maria Montessori T
"Great school, excellent education, caring and supportive staff, with a great environment where everyone (i.e. parents and staff) are so approachable, friendly, and genuinely caring as one big family. My daughter was at OCA from preschool to 3rd grade. I was totally impressed by the great level of caring, attention and monitoring level, more so, by their exceptional and outstanding teaching standards. Especially in providing a very solid and challenging curriculum appropriate to a comfort level for the Students. OCA was able to build a solid foundation of "know-how" to acquire or tackle the basic skills and knowledge for any academic work. It made my daughter love and enjoy learning so much, that she looks forward to being in school every day. With all of these qualities, OCA did leave an indelible mark on my daughter and me. And, once again, we would like to thank OCA for letting my daughter appreciate education to its fullest at this age. At OCA, the staff have always and will always go over and beyond their call of duty as teachers to loving, care takers and mentors to every student that will find themselves as part of the OCA student body." - Miss Hamid, Parent "The cultural diversity within Children's Academy community is tremendously enriching, both for my children and for our family as a whole. My children interacted with other children from all over the world. I believe this will be beneficial for them as they grow, and as adults taking part in the global community this world is fast becoming. The Montessori approach to teaching allowed my children to develop awareness that they are individuals who have value in their own right. This empowers them to be confident, and I believe, is what has encouraged their academic progress. Children's Academy is a unique school that is nurturing and developing unique human beings who will be well prepared to be productive citizens with sound ethics and an empathetic disposition to the social issues in our country and the world in general. Both of our children tested up a full grade when going onward into the Catholic school system." - Mr. Nicholson, Parent "There is no single formula for a "good education." That's pretty evident to anyone. But one condition that such a good education hinges on is the desire to learn. This means that the best students are curious and inquisitive. They are fascinated with new knowledge and take the initiative to learn above and beyond what they will be tested on next week or next month. The best students share their knowledge with others and are always looking toward the future. From a young age, I would wake up every morning excited for school. I would keep my shoes ready "just so," waiting by the door, so we could be out of the door as soon as possible. School was the best part of each day because I reveled in the knowledge and the compliments of my teachers at OCA. My teachers were warm and understanding, but they never failed to challenge me. My time at OCA instilled a strong sense of self in me - I learned to be confident in my knowledge and in my self. Many of the things I learned a decade ago have stayed with me and still help me daily. People tell me that I'm an intelligent person, a diligent student, and a born leader. I guess they have reason to believe so. But I know that I attribute so much of my success to a few wonderful teachers in a truly extraordinary little school. Thank you." - C. Norohna, Former Student
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